About us

DACVS Loans is a trusted name in the UK specializing in helping borrowers across the country to find affordable and hassle-free logbook loan deals. Our mission is clear-cut. We exist to ensure that borrowers with issues on their credit rating need not worry anymore. At DACVS Loans, what we do best is connect with the best logbook loan providers so you can avail a personal loan no matter your credit score. Even if other providers have refused you a personal loan, you can count on us to save the day.

Committed to help borrowers find the best logbook loan deals in the market, DACVS Loans only partners with the best providers. We can offer logbook loan deals from £500 up to £50,000 to meet a wide variety of personal needs from as simple as overdue rent to as major as business capital or home renovation. When you partner with us, you know your best interest is taken care of. We guarantee same day approval for eligible borrowers. With our high approval rate, you can expect a smooth loan application even if you have a bad credit score. If you’re ready to get approved for a logbook loan, avail our free quote offer.