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If you’re looking for the best value logbook loan deals in the UK market, you came to the right place. Renowned for our unbeatable rates and unparalleled customer service, DACVS Loans is the best partner to work with when you’re in the hunt for the cheapest logbook loan to avail.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading and trusted name in the market that has worked with numerous borrowers, you can never go wrong when you partner with us. Dedicated to put our customers’ best interests first, you can depend on us to find you the best logbook loan deal that is best suited for your personal circumstance. We work hand in hand with the best providers, suppliers and comparison sites including Money Super Market helping you choose your deal wisely and carefully.

Compared with our competitors, we offer a number of advantages for our borrowers to enjoy. With us working hard to find you the best logbook loan offers, we can guarantee the best value rates as well as fast approval. So long as you’re eligible to apply for a logbook loan, we can approve applications in as fast as within a couple of hours.

How Much Can You Borrow?

With a logbook loan secured on your vehicle, you are able to borrow more money than if you settle with a typical unsecured personal loan. Our offers range from a minimum of £500 handy for paying overdue rent and other bills to a maximum of £50,000 for business capital, major medical expense and many more. In terms of repayment, the typical period for a logbook loan starts from 12 months to 36 months. Repayments can be completed weekly or monthly depending on which arrangement you prefer.

Are You Eligible?

To know if you’re eligible to apply for a logbook loan, there are only a few basic requirements you need to meet. One, you must be of legal age. Two, you must live in the UK. And finally, you must own a vehicle you are willing to use as collateral for the personal loan. If you meet all three basic requirements, you can prepare the needed documents to speed up the loan processing.

Among the key documents your lender will require include your vehicle’s logbook document, MOT certificate and insurance. Your lender will also request that you provide proof of identification, billing address and proof of income.

How Do Logbook Loans Work?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, applying for a logbook loan is extremely simple. There are two ways to complete a loan application. You can call us through our telephone hotline or you can fill out our online application form. Either way, the application process will take a few minutes to complete.

Our team of representatives will assess your application and let you know how to proceed next. Provided that your vehicle is fully insured and is free of any financing, you can borrow up to 70% of your vehicle’s official trade value. We don’t run credit checks unlike other loan providers. If you can prove that you can repay the loan, we can approve your loan application fast. After which, we’ll have the money wire transferred to your account so you can use it to meet any financial need.

Are You Ready To Get Approved?

Are you ready to avail the cheapest logbook loans available in the market today? Complete our online application form to get started. If you’re still not decided if you want to go through with the loan, you can avail our quote service instead at no charge at all.